How to Puppy Proof Your Apartment

How to Puppy Proof Your Apartment

Keeping your new puppy safe if of course priority number one but with their curious minds, that's easier said than done.  There are countless puppy hazards that are in your apartment that you probably don't even realize.  Here are some tips to puppy-proof our pet-friendly apartments near Boston. Confine them: Keeping your puppy in a small area at first … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Recipes You Can’t Pass Up

Pumpkin Recipes You Can't Pass Up

We're so excited for Fall, and had to share these kitchen-worthy pumpkin recipes with you to try this season! Our top picks are below: Pumpkin Spice Hummus. This creamy dip is a healthier option this season that doesn't skimp on flavor! Combine chickpeas with pumpkin and warming spices to wow every one your guests! This recipe is low in fat and high in … [Read more...]

Tis the Season with Craft Beers at Boston’s Fall to Winter Fest

Tis the Season with Craft Beers at Boston's Fall to Winter Fest

The best craft beer festival in Boston was rated the best booze fest by Boston magazine’s Best of Boston 2014. Yes, you guessed it. It is the Drink Craft Beer Fall to Winter Fest. This fest is in its second year celebrating the rich and warm beers that are brewed during fall and winter in New England. Brewers use fall and winter seasonal ingredients … [Read more...]

Quench Your Thirst at the Thirst Boston in November

Quench Your Thirst at the Thirst Boston in November

Our Mezzo Design Lofts community enjoys amenities like a community room with WiFi access where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and neighbors. Boston features a festival that celebrates all types of beverages this fall. The Thirst Boston Beverage Festival in Boston is coming to you this fall in early November. Thirst Boston is a gathering of … [Read more...]

Head North to Hysteria’s 5 Haunted Attractions

Head North to Hysteria's 5 Haunted Attractions

With Halloween approaching, it is a great idea to visit haunted attractions near Boston and surrounding areas. Check out these four: Cirque du Dement – This traveling circus delivers its own way of torture to visitors. Beware the clowns. Zombie Hunt Paintball – Hop on a trailer at Connors Compound and start hunting down Zombies with your paint gun. … [Read more...]